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Review -- Condemned: Criminal Origin PDF Print E-mail
Site News
Written by Starfox   
Monday, 14 April 2008 12:05
For those among you who might have not noticed it, Doc_Brown has published at the end of last week his review of Condemned: Criminal Origins that you can read there.

Condemned: Criminal Origin

Oblivion: Khovians Unleashed In Cyrodiil PDF Print E-mail
Games Modding
Written by Starfox   
Tuesday, 08 April 2008 06:33
Fans of Oblivion and crazy things in general: rejoice. Our in house Silver Sorrow finally released his Khovian mod for The Elders Scroll IV: Oblivion. This mod is a continuation of the mod that Silver released for Morrowind that was called if I remember correctly Dagoth Black Netch Armor (we will re-release that mod a little later for those who are willing to play it in Morrowind because it eases a lot the understanding of the whole Khovian thing and what happens in the new Oblivion mod). But for now, we focus on the new mod which is called... er... zzSS1 - The Mod. And I was informed that this is *the* real name -- there's is a whole evil scheme behind that but I won't disturb you with the details because they would... well, disturb you.

Silver\'s Oblivion Mod Silver\'s Oblivion Mod

Rumor: What Does The "T" Mean? PDF Print E-mail
General News
Written by Starfox   
Monday, 07 April 2008 03:10
Bodog just gave me the heads-up and it's amusing enough to talk about it. The new branch of Eidos, Eidos Montreal, which is currently working on Deus Ex 3 development just announced a few days back that they are hiring to begin the work on their second AAA title. What is this title? They don't say. However they give a hint. It begins with the letter "T". And there was no need for more to see the gossip craziness starting (which I think was exactly what Eidos was looking for after all so they're happy and I'm making them even more happy relaying the thing... A little thank you would be welcomed guys...).

Official Extension For Sins Of A Solar Empire Incoming PDF Print E-mail
Other Games
Written by Starfox   
Friday, 04 April 2008 06:11
Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO announced that an extension for their very well user received strategy game Sins Of A Solar Empire is on the way. There's no release date or title for this extension but as usual with Stardock policy "give the customers what they want" it will include users much requested features.

Sins Of A Solar Empire Sins Of A Solar Empire

Ubisoft Unleash Info About HAWX PDF Print E-mail
Simulation Games
Written by Starfox   
Friday, 04 April 2008 01:25
Now that they are the exclusive owners of the international rights to use Tom Clancy's name on whatever product they see fit, Ubisoft is willing to give some more details about one of their upcoming projects Tom Clancy's HAWX (previously known as Tom Clancy's Air Combat). Unlike other Clancy branded games, this one won't feature playable ground forces since it will focus on aircrafts and... well, air combat.

Tom Clancy\'s HAWX

Alone In The Dark Delayed PDF Print E-mail
Third Person Perspective
Written by Starfox   
Thursday, 03 April 2008 09:10
And yep, another one. We should be used to that in gaming. Atari just confirmed that the next Alone In The Dark won't be available as previously planned May, 28th (Europe) and June, 2nd (North America). The release dates are now June, 20th (Europe) and June, 24th (North America).

Alone In The Dark Alone In The Dark

BEELZEBUB Is Back Again PDF Print E-mail
Written by Starfox   
Thursday, 03 April 2008 08:37
I didn't realize that the folks at Telltale Games were into S&M (and Im not talking about Sam & Max here). See they invent a name that is barely writable without screwing up and they release two news about it before the final release of the game (which is not common, they generally just go with one between each episode). So today, we have a bunch of new screenshots and a very short gameplay video of the season 2 Finale: What's New BEELZEBUB?

Sam & Max (Episode 205): What\'s New BEELZEBUB? Sam & Max (Episode 205): What\'s New BEELZEBUB?

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