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Written by Doc_Brown   
Wednesday, 31 May 2006 18:00
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A Note On This Walkthrough...
Half the fun of Invasion comes from the surprises that lay in store for you, so I’m not going to go into exhaustive detail here. Even if an ambush, for example, does go badly for you, it’s a simple enough matter to reload and give it another go. But if that ambush proves troubling even when you know it’s coming… that’s where this guide comes in. I’m here to advise you when you truly need the advice.

Before You Begin…
While Invasion features the option to translate the in-game subtitles into four different languages, the main menu is still mostly in French. While you should be able to figure out those that have HL counterparts, the new features will probably stump you until they come up during the game. Here are the new controls translated into English:

Utiliser trousse de soin : Use health kit
Utiliser batterie : Use HEV battery
Soin par zone : Use HEV battery by zone*
Briquet : Quick select lighter

*Note: In order to use this feature, you must hold down the button. Use your mouse to select which areas you wish to apply the battery to, then click the + at the bottom to use the HEV battery. Since the regular use of an HEV battery automatically heals the weakest areas first, the only real reason to heal your suit by zone is if you want to neglect one area in favor of another.


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