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Written by Starfox   
Tuesday, 08 April 2008 06:33
Fans of Oblivion and crazy things in general: rejoice. Our in house Silver Sorrow finally released his Khovian mod for The Elders Scroll IV: Oblivion. This mod is a continuation of the mod that Silver released for Morrowind that was called if I remember correctly Dagoth Black Netch Armor (we will re-release that mod a little later for those who are willing to play it in Morrowind because it eases a lot the understanding of the whole Khovian thing and what happens in the new Oblivion mod). But for now, we focus on the new mod which is called... er... zzSS1 - The Mod. And I was informed that this is *the* real name -- there's is a whole evil scheme behind that but I won't disturb you with the details because they would... well, disturb you.

Silver\'s Oblivion Mod Silver\'s Oblivion Mod

Aside the Khovian story and characters (some of them being utterly familiar to those who played the previous Morrowind mod), Silver's mod comes with a whole bunch of armors, weapons, faces, hairs... Additionally to the Khovian, you'll also be able to play as a Dremora if you feel like it. Some of the work included is issued from other TES modders (with their authorization of course) but Silver has put a great deal in adjusting details, recoloring and retexturing armor and creating new stuff and the final result is amazing. The guy is a maniac (in the good sense of the word... for once). One has only to have a look at the attention he paid to details to be sure of that.

I won't display the whole possibility offered in clothing and weapons and the customization of your character but I will show you some screens showing just a very small part of the whole stuff (warning: the interface changes is not part of Silver's mod, Oblivion aficionados will of course recognize DarN + DarkUI so don't pay attention to that):

Silver\'s Oblivion Mod Silver\'s Oblivion Mod Silver\'s Oblivion Mod
Silver\'s Oblivion Mod Silver\'s Oblivion Mod

My favorite armor is the recolor/re-texturing of the original Elven armor which is just that much better than the vanilla Bethesda flashy gold *crap* (Did I just say that? Oh, excuse me, I meant "which is that much better than the weird idea Bethesda had of a golden armor that has been buried under dirt and dust for centuries and that one still finds brand new and shiny and which in some respects just look like a set of child costume"). Silver's work manages to retain the essence of the Elven armor and to restore what should have been its original beauty as being a seriously old and worn thing which waited to be discovered for centuries in very dark and uncleaned places.

Anyway... Light armor, heavy armor, great weapons... Whoever your character is, a shadowy thief or a pure warrior, you should find something to suit your taste in there.

Unlike Silver's Morrowind mod where you had to travel a whole lot to get all the good stuff, the Oblivion mod just features one place to get it all. But you'll seriously have to fight your way through for that. And when I say "fight" I mean "forget all hope to get out of here alive with a low level character just fresh out from the Imperial City jail". Most likely a low level character won't even have a chance to do three steps without dying -- unless you use god mode of course. And you'll seriously need your great Bag Of Holding to carry all the stuff found.

What's more? The mod is compatible with all the great body replacer mods out there, which includes Female Eye Candy Body Replacer (better known as Exnem), Fantasy Figures (no link for this one since only the Nude version is available but you can do a quick search on TesNexus) and Biu Adventuress Body (more commonly known as BAB). You'll just have to unpack the additional meshes and texture of your choices.

Since Silver's mod is a Foxhole exclusive, the links and download instructions are provided in the members reserved download section of our forum and yes you'll need a (free) registration to our forum to access it if you're not a member yet.

Have fun!

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