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Written by Starfox   
Monday, 10 March 2008 08:09

Well, I know that most people already know what Alienware is (and probably all of our forum members, some even have one) but let's run the basics if you dear reader haven't been in the gaming thing for long. Alienware is a computer manufacturer (or more precisely "builder" since they take existing components and build the computer you want) with a specific market: high-end gaming. And when I say "high-end", we're looking at platforms that at their best require a five digits number if you want to get your hands on one.

Alienware is the best known brand of computers in the gaming arena and there's a reason for that, they only choose top of the line hardware for their rigs. We're talking about people who think that a computer not able to run Crysis with all the bells and whistle in 2500x1600 resolution just sucks. But well, that's not why I am talking about them today. No, I'm talking about them because they just sent a press release about the availability of their new top of the line "you can't possibly beat that at least for the next 4 months" computer Quad Core, Quad GPUs solution named Area 51 ALX CFX.

And what a surprise for me to see that for the first time in a looong while (so long that I can't even remember the last time that happened) they decided to go with an ATI solution instead of a NVidia one (they still keep a Nvidia 3 GPUs solution but now it is not their best computer anymore, just their second best). So their new computer embark 2 ATI HD3870 X2 cards, each card being powered by two HD3870 GPUs with 512 MB of video RAM for each GPU for a total of 2 GB. Good news for ATI then, managing to reacquire the Alienware endorsement. Even if it's for a short time, it just shows that they are on the good track.

Alienware is extreme high-performance PC gaming,” said Brian Joyce, Senior Vice President at Alienware,“ and expectations are never higher than when dealing with the ALX CrossFireX, our most sophisticated desktop system. Adding the awesome power of a quad graphics solution like CrossFireX to the ALX desktop is just one more way Alienware strives to deliver the world’s best PC gaming experience.

That's some kind of thorn in NVidia side. The real problem is that people who have their hardware in the finest computer money can buy are also on the right side of the marketing equation and when you want to know what the current best gaming hardware is, you just go have a look to Alienware web site.

And yeah, I won't open here the long and endless debate about NVidia and ATI but there are a couple of reason why Alienware would choose ATI over NVidia right now the least of which being that ATI Crossfire is fully and natively supported by Intel chipsets while NVidia SLI is not and -- trust me on that -- it's always better to have an Intel chipset if you have an Intel CPU.

The top of the finest has a price though... For the new top of the line Alienware rig it will cost you about $5600 and that is only if you choose the Dual HD3870 X2 and none of the other nice options. I amused myself choosing the rig I would like to have and ended up with a total of over $11,000 and that was without opting for the nice Alienware limited edition chronograph. Ah! well, the top of the line Alienware is still far from my reach then...

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