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Written by Starfox   
Monday, 10 March 2008 01:58
Ubisoft is still working on the upcoming Far Cry 2 (for which they have the copyright if not the original developing team). It seemed to them a good time to release 3 more screens.

To be frank, I don't really know what's to be expected from this game. So far, Ubisoft went through great extent to promote their new game engine that will power it (codenamed Dunia) as demonstrated by these set of videos from the GDC 2008 (check the box "continuous play" and watch the show). And let me tell you, the fact that these videos were shot on a system that ran with 8 cores (2 Intel Extreme Quad Core QX9750) is not making me any more comfortable. Lets get real mister Ubi; what can I expect from my humble dual-core system?

Unfortunately, aside the whole technical affair (well Ubisoft has a new engine, they want to sell it like Crytek, it's understandable after all) there is little said about the actual stuff, gameplay features, story... and such. I found this little bit of video on the developer blog featuring an interview with Patrick Redding (narrative designer) who talked about implementation of the story within Far Cry 2 but finally it didn't give out that much.

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The trailer below released in January doesn't help either.

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So to me (and for now) Far Cry 2 sounds even more hollow than Crysis. Pretty... huh well, but what's new? Real dynamic shadows, full featured day/night cycle, everything breakable... that's cool but what's more?

So sure, Gamespot is full of praise for the new engine but for what it is worth to me since generally we tend (Gamespot and me I mean) to be in total disagreement most of the time. So it's not a good omen.

But well, we'll have to wait and see what comes out of the techno hype. I just hope that the whole thing won't turn into a gigantic technological stand to sell a new game engine.

Far Cry 2 release is set for Fall 2008. The official site is still there.

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