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Written by Starfox   
Monday, 05 November 2007 06:19
Something tells me November will be a busy month. A few days after the announcement by Crytek of the gold version of Crysis and the availability of the demo (which allowed us to realize how much our systems suck), it's up to Midway to announce the end of the development of their own "military-full-of-aliens" FPS BlackSite: Area 51 with a demo already available for the Xbox but apparently not for the PC (at the time of this news anyway). However both the PC of Xbox versions are scheduled to be released on November 12 (north America) and 16 (Europe).

As for Crysis the release date for North America will be the 16, so a few days later than BlackSite: Area 51 but -- and here is the good laugh -- due to the delay of the European version of Blacksite: Area 51, both games will be released the same day in Europe. Marketing is striking again, but not in the best way. Midway must put a great deal of faith in their game. Or are we about to relive a situation similar to Half-Life vs SiN back in November 1998? In this case, difficult to say who the winner could be since we have no demo for BlackSite: Area 51 to have a hint.

BlackSite: Area 51 BlackSite: Area 51
BlackSite: Area 51

Crysis Crysis

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