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Written by Silver Sorrow   
Thursday, 11 October 2007 18:00
According to the Bethesda newsletter, they're offering Fighter's Stronghold for free from October 15th to the 21st, in honor of the Oblivion GOTY edition hitting store shelves.

Here's the magic link to the page.

From the description, I understand that it's yet another house mod. But a castle, this time...which is still a house, but bigger and a little more drafty. Still, this will give the so-called "noble" character a place to call his or her own, which nicely rounds out the list of official house mods for the main character types, such as the Vile Lair for the evil, Thieves Den for the thief, and Wizard's Tower for the mage. Don't bother objecting about a home for complex characters (such as a noble thief-mage), because someone will just tell you to make it yourself.

Anyway, this is a nice little gift from Bethesda; it will be available for both the XBox 360 and the PC, so no one in those two camps are getting screwed over this time around. Wait...wasn't Oblivion also released on the PS3? Great. Another bunch of people whining about being left out. Yeesh. Cry me a river. All this plaintive PS3 whining just detracts from us PC users whining about being boned while the 360 owners get everything, and we don't tolerate that sort of competition.

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