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Written by Starfox   
Wednesday, 12 March 2008 04:36
Well, that's not really a surprise, is it? Take-Two confirmed yesterday -- while they were on the topic of discussing their first quarter financial results -- that Bioshock 2 is being developed by their newly created studio of 2K Marin (Novato, California).

2K Games said today that BioShock 2, the sequel to the wholly owned and internally developed title, is being developed by 2K Marin and is planned for release in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009. The critically acclaimed BioShock title has sold over 2 million units worldwide since its launch in August.

For those who ask "but where is Irrational Games in all that?" they're still here. the original developers of System Shock 2 and Bioshock were acquired by Take-Two during the development of Bioshock and Irrational Games was consequently renamed in 2K Boston/2K Australia. Then after the release of Bioshock, part of the folks decided to relocate to Novato, CA to create their new studio 2K Marin with the blessing of Take-Two new studio that will consequently develop Bioshock 2.

No other detail were given as for the content of the upcoming sequel (but considering how the first game ended, it's hard for me to imagine what they can do safe is they start from the "bad" ending which I don't particularly like).

"Fourth quarter of the fiscal 2009", that puts the release of the game sometime between August and October 2009 so we'll have enough time to discuss about Bioshock 2 again.

The Bioshock franchise aside, we also learn from the financial results that Take-Two acquired Illusion Softworks, the owner of several existing or possible franchises like Mafia (our review here), Hidden And Dangerous or Vietcong. We also learn that the studio, renamed 2K Czech, is currently developing Mafia 2 with no release date set. However it should be sometime during the fiscal year 2009 (11/2008 - 10/2009), same case for Borderlands a title currently developed by Gearbox which was however expected this year.

To conclude, we also learn that Grand Theft Auto IV (the star franchise from Rockstar Games) will indeed hit the shelves on April 29, 2008.

That's all folks!

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