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Written by Starfox   
Tuesday, 25 March 2008 05:24
In a recent podcast for the Official Xbox Magazine (should we be afraid?) Todd Howard from Bethesda (The Elders Scroll series) gave some more information about their next RPG title (and the third in a franchise that Bethesda is messing with for the first time) Fallout 3.

This podcast is a lengthy one and features a lot of Xbox related stuff that we don't care about. So I'm gonna give you the most important bits but if you're curious about the full thing then there you go.

Fallout 3 Fallout 3

So in the interview, Todd Howard evoked the different endings that the game will feature. At the beginning there was 9 then 12 endings programmed. Apparently they are now beyond 200 endings, although a lot of them are variations of a more restricted set of main endings. This new situation is apparently due to the fact that while developing the story, Bethesda devs keep finding some bits suitable for another ending of the game and since these bits come with 3 or more variations... Well anyway, for Todd Howard this seems to be a good thing since one goal of Bethesda for Fallout 3 was to let players experience an ending that truly corresponds to what they did within the game and their play style. So the more the merrier.

Then we have a bit about the "dog". The dog (to not be confused with Half-Life 2 "Dog") will be Fallout 3 main character's companion throughout the game. One can use it to go on errands (like for example looking for food or ammo) or -- a bit more risky -- to attack the enemy. A bit more risky because the dog can actually die (unlike Shadowmere in Oblivion). However, Bethesda doesn't want players to find themselves constantly baby-sitting their pet so the final dog will probably be some kind of super-dog but still able to die if you push it too far. Aside this pet companion, players will be able to bring one human to help them in their quests but that will be the extent of it since Bethesda wants to avoid any of the weirdness generated by big parties management.

What else? Interrogated on the length of Fallout 3, Todd Howard made a mixed "Bethesda-registered" answer. The length of the main quest, if you only go for that one leaving all the other stuff aside is designed to be of about 20 hours (depending on gamers play style it can be much less or much more). The overall length of Fallout 3 in its current state -- still in development -- all quests included is over 100 hours. Fallout 3 world is still smaller than Oblivion but with time it had apparently expended to become a lot closer in size to the The Elders Scroll series last title (which as a reminder was already a shrimp compared to Morrowind vastness).

Well that's about all the valuable info that is to be gathered from this podcast. No new screens or media. Fallout 3 as stated by Todd Howard is still scheduled for a Fall 2008 release on PC and... guess what? Xbox 360.

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