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Written by Starfox   
Thursday, 15 February 2007 18:00
Each time a developer announces a delay, they feel compelled to publish screens with it, it seems. So Techland (Chrome, Chrome: Specforce) announced that their upcoming title Warhound initially scheduled for the 1st quarter 2007 won't be there before Fall. They also gave the info that the title will be DirectX 10 compliant without mentioning if that puts the title in the "Vista only" category or if it will still be playable on XP.

Warhound Warhound

They also precise that the use of DirectX 10 will make for beautiful graphics and astounding effects and, more important and curious for a SP game, that there will be more or less no storyline. Players will incarnate a soldier of fortune and will be able to choose the missions they want to play from a set of different ones at each stage without being directed by a script.

Warhound Warhound Warhound

From the success and the difficulty of each mission will depend the reward in money which will allow players to buy a better equipment for the next mission. And unlike what the screens seem to point, the missions will happen in many areas around the globe, including Pacific islands, South America, Africa... et al.

Warhound Warhound Warhound

It is to be noted that Techland is also working on Chrome 2 which won't be a sequel to Chrome but will be based on similar assets. No new screens for Chrome 2 but you can find previous ones in the Vault.

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