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Written by Starfox   
Wednesday, 16 April 2008 09:12
And when I say sneaking, I'm not joking. I don't know if a lot of you had the occasion to play a game that went by the title of ÜberSoldier. I did. Not the most memorable game I ever played but good enough for a few hours of fun. Now a game is scheduled to hit British retailers shelves in the near future: Crimes Of War. It appears that this game is already available in Russia (the homeland of its developers) and Germany under the title of... tada... ÜberSoldier 2. Not confused yet? Too bad.

Crimes of War (UbërSoldier 2) Crimes of War (UbërSoldier 2)

Why the title change for the UK release? And why the development secrecy? It's rather unclear. I didn't even know that a second Übersoldier game was in development, let alone that it was finished. The communication from the developer Burut CT was properly inexistant it seems.

Crimes of War (UbërSoldier 2)

As a reminder, the first Übersoldier put the player in the role of a SS soldier that was killed in action and revived by German scientists who wanted to turn him into a super soldier. Unfortunately for the 3rd Reich, the super soldier was controlled by the first person he found that gave him the appropriate order and this person was a young woman from the German resistance. From there, the super soldier became fully dedicated to the annihilation of the Nazi regime.

The UK release date has not been stated yet but since the game is already released it's just a matter of translation. As for the rest of the world, no hint is given.

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