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Written by Starfox   
Tuesday, 06 May 2008 06:19
It has been a long time we didn't see an original concept for a FPS, gameplay and story wise. Darkest Of Days actually being developed by 8Monkey Labs with Phantom EFX as publisher might be this kind of gem nobody truly expect but may be found occasionally on the road. I discovered it myself this week-end when they announced a revamping of their official website. So what is Darkest Of Days all about? It's difficult to say in a few words, but I will try. Fans of Historical warfare (you know who you are) you might be in for a treat.

Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days

Let's begin with the bit of official stuff:

In Darkest of Days, players will travel back and forth through the annals time to relive some mankind's most dire hours, when human society was at its lowest points. By fighting through terrible events such as The Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest conflict of the Civil War, and the volcanic eruption in Pompeii in the year 79, the player will attempt to save certain key individuals who were never meant to become involved in these truly monstrous events and thereby change human history for the better.

Of course, one guesses that the original concept comes from the fact that the player will be put in vastly different situations in 5 announced different periods (Pompeii, American Civil War, World War 1 plus two others yet unknown) which should surely ensure vastly different experiences as well (even more when you know that the player will have to act on each side of each event at a time). But how is that going to work out storyline wise?

Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days

From what I've been able to gather so far, at the beginning of the game, the main character is fighting in yet another conflict, the latest of human history. As he is about to confront his own demise, he is "removed" from his timeline by a time control organization that gives him the task to travel back and change some little things in the human history flow so finally the outcome he was himself confronted to would also be changed for the best. Of course, they will have to put a tremendous work into the storyline to not make it sounds just like a big joke and that's apparently a potential issue that the developers really wish to avoid.

Even though the real picture is a bit blurry as of yet, it will definitely be interesting to see how that one game will develop. Meanwhile, we can always contemplate the screens and the trailer already available.

Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days
Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days
Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days
Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days Darkest Of Days
Darkest Of Days

Darkest Of Days is being developed with an in-house engine which allows for massive battles with a lot of NPCs and action going on. More info is available on the official website and the developer's blog as well.

Darkest of Days is scheduled for a release Q3 2008.

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