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Written by Silver Sorrow   
Thursday, 23 April 2009 10:07
Even though the news is a couple of days old, you haven't heard/read it yet unless you hear/read it from me. Just accept it.

Anyway, as posted on the Bethesda Blog (yes, I know: I post second- and third-hand information as "news." Bite me.), Fallout: New Vegas has been announced. Instead of Bethesda being the hamsters in the wheel this time around, this one's being developed by Obsidian Entertainment...which has a few people from Black Isle, which in turn created the original Fallout...

...of course, this apparently gives license to certain people to call this a "true" sequel to Fallout 2. Please be aware that if you're doing that, you're a complete waste of skin.

In other recycled news, the third scheduled DLC -- but not definitely the "OMFG it's the last DLC we'll EVAR do!" as Bethesda likes to keep its options (not to mention its Microsoft-entangled coffers) open -- Broken Steel, is set to abrade what's left of your goodwill towards humanity thanks to the ultimately failed content delivery system, Games For Microsoft-Worshipping Sheep Baa Baa Baa Live, on May 5th. In 2009, one theorizes. So be prepared to put aside perhaps fifteen minutes of your day for playing all the way through Broken Steel, not counting the three weeks you'll spend before that trying to figure out why it's broken your game and asking plaintively on the official forums if someone, ANYONE, will fix the blasted thing so you can play it (enhanced by the entertainingly moronic backlash from fanboys), all so you can finally sit down and wonder to yourself "That's IT??" when it's all over.

So to celebrate that, take a look at this other post on the BethBlog for a couple of links to vids featuring Broken Steel and the powerhouse duo of dreamy Todd Howard and mighty Emil Pagliarulo being interviewed by over-caffeinated Adam Sessler.

[DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed in this news post belong solely to Silver Sorrow and should not be considered fact or even actual news. We apologize wholeheartedly for giving him the means to offend the world, but as he points out, "my misery can be misconstrued as comedy," so we let him out of the dumpster once in a while. Again, we're very, VERY sorry. -- The Management]

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