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Written by Starfox   
Friday, 28 March 2008 02:58
MMO this MMO that... We keep hearing this acronym (Massively Multiplayer Online game) everywhere today. And it seems that any franchise is worth of going MMO at one point, whatever the content and/or gameplay are. There are so many MMOs around that I wonder if the people involved have any time left to meet real people in real life. Anyway, Take-Two just hold a conference to explain to the public (especially their shareholders) why they rejected the aggressive acquisition proposal issued by Electronic Arts earlier (if you want to know more go read our previous news the links are at the end of this page).

I will skip the "Take-Two is worth significantly more than $26 per share" bit that is only of some interest if you actually hold some Take-Two shares and jump directly to a slide of the presentation that is of some interest for us gamers:

This particular slide teach us that Bioshock could very well be turned into a MMO in the future (at least that's what Take-Two seem to think) and even make it into a movie.

Sure, we have to keep in mind that Take-Two is merely returning fire at Electronic Arts there following their "stupid" public acquisition proposal so there is a lot of financial stuff flying out, most of it being probably just words. Nevertheless I let you meditate on the perspective of having a Bioshock MMO. At that point I'm left speechless... So to speak. And not in a particularly good way.

The integral slideshow of the conference is available here.

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