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Written by Starfox   
Monday, 07 April 2008 03:10
Bodog just gave me the heads-up and it's amusing enough to talk about it. The new branch of Eidos, Eidos Montreal, which is currently working on Deus Ex 3 development just announced a few days back that they are hiring to begin the work on their second AAA title. What is this title? They don't say. However they give a hint. It begins with the letter "T". And there was no need for more to see the gossip craziness starting (which I think was exactly what Eidos was looking for after all so they're happy and I'm making them even more happy relaying the thing... A little thank you would be welcomed guys...).

So the current thread of speculations goes this way:

  • The title is AAA so it should be pertaining to an already well known franchise.
  • Eidos has the Tomb Raider franchise but well, this one is already handled by a studio other than Montreal so there would not be a real point for them to have Eidos Montreal working on that.
  • Eidos Montreal replaced somewhat Ion Storm Austin which developed the dreaded Deus Ex 2 and... Thief Deadly Shadows.
  • Hence the new AAA title developed by Eidos Montreal would be: Thief 4!

Well, of course there is some logic in there (you can see logic everywhere if you look hard enough). But there's no official confirmation from Eidos whatsoever.

Another point is that Thief (as designed by its original creators, the fine folks of the defunct Looking Glass Studios) was a trilogy and the trilogy precisely ended with Thief Deadly Shadows. So what would be going in a new opus?

It is to watch nevertheless. At least until the title of the game is known for sure. Keep in mind though that it could still be Tomb Raider "whatever-number-they-achieved-now". But it's always fun to do a little tabloid work for a change (you know, rumors, unconfirmed gossips, speculations)...  lol

Now if you want my opinion... I don't have any. Announcing a "T" instead of just going secretive and drawing a blank or out in the open and announcing a full title is just a common marketing trick to get the fuss started. So I'll wait until Eidos decide to open the mouth once and for all.

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