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Written by Starfox   
Friday, 16 May 2008 07:33
So here you go lucky dogs, publisher Ubisoft ported to Valve Steam another series of their games in the rank of them one may find Beyond Good & Evil, Brothers In Arms - Road to Hill 30, both Blazing Angels games, Rainbow Six: Lockdown, Pacific Fighters or Cold Fear. Note that if you want to find these games on Steam and that you're not in North America, you will find squat. In fact, you'll not even find Ubisoft as being a publisher on Steam. Despite (or most probably because) the fact that Ubisoft is a European publisher (France based), the guys exhibit no urge to extend the Steam goodness to the rest of the world. Their relation to Steam officially began in early April and yet... you still have to find any of their games on Steam "overseas".

The same behavior is exhibited by Atari, another very European publisher (also France based BTW). Oh, I'm sure that they have a reason for that, and that it is money related. Last time Valve was asked about that Doug Lombardi answer was just "It’s their call. We offer worldwide coverage, and we’re happy to offer the products to as many customers as the publisher/developer desires" as was reported by Rock, Paper Shotgun.

But have no fear dear European customers. I'm sure that as soon as Ubisoft and Atari will deem more profitable to deliver via Steam the said games instead of providing you with the leftover from previous sales (in other words, when they'll consider your wallet flat enough), they'll start to do it. Although as usual you will probably notice an unbelievable difference in the price between USD and EURO (or even GBP), in complete contradiction with the international monetary exchange rate rules, but that's just because those publishers love to milk the European cow.

And there are people after that who dare come and say that France doesn't love the US... No kidding! You know who French publishers hate? French... And Europeans by extension. Although no, "hate" is too much of a word here because they probably make much more money from the European market than from the North American one. So they love Europeans... in a kind of weirdo sicko way, the same kind of love that may exist between a 25 years old starlet and a 75 years old millionaire.

You know the good thing about running a completely independent site that owes nothing to no one? You don't have to polish any shoes so if you feel like telling the truth... you just do it.

Plus I had more than my share of marketing bullshit lately. Seriously Ubisoft, this was not the best of times to come and piss me off there.

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