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Written by Starfox   
Thursday, 17 January 2008 18:00
So much blame was put on video games through the years for potentially inducing violent behavior in the youth that the general public tend to forget about some of the benefits and see video games as some kind of evil machinery because it is so much more comfortable to blame video games rather than poor education.

America\'s Army Medical Taining

The team (mostly military) behind the simulation American's Army developed by the U.S. Army for training and recruiting purposes is proud today to announce that a long time player helped the victims of a car accident thanks to the medical formation he received through the game. The game project director, Colonel Casey Wardynski is quoted saying: "Paxton is a true hero. We are pleased to have played a role in providing the lifesaving training that he employed so successfully at the scene." Paxton, after the event, wrote a mail to America's Army developing team with many thanks since he thinks that having received no proper medical training in real life, his ability to respond to a real event was mainly due to the training he received through the simulation.

As stated on the game site:

America's Army press releaseIn order to assume the role of combat medic in the America's Army game, players must go through virtual medical training classes based on the actual training that real Soldiers receive. The creators of America's Army developed the training scenarios with young adults in mind, recognizing their need to be able to respond in emergency situations. Through the game, players learn to evaluate and prioritize casualties, control bleeding, recognize and treat shock, and administer aid when victims are not breathing.

The full story is available directly on America's Army web site.

Apparently this is the second time that an America's Army player was able to successfully put his medical training to good use in a real life situation.

Various scientific studies regarding the benefits of video games these last years include improved reaction time and better situational awareness (useful when driving vehicles and operating various machineries), increase mnemonic abilities and prevention against brain aging. Some reports even noticed a better peripheral vision and some type of video games were also found to be of help in treatment of specific brain diseases.

I guess that the real lesson to keep here is that a tool is never evil. Only the use you make of it can be.

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