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The Foxhole Week (2011-2) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Starfox   
Monday, 10 January 2011 23:18

This Foxhole week appears to have been pretty basic with few real game news coming our way. Most AAA titles are still polishing their weapons for the big rush with releases that should take place between the end of January for the first ones and June 2011. So aside from the first info available for the upcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim of Bethesda Software it was a rather slow week punctuated by more company statements than screenshots. A week during which:

THQ follow the path of Bioware and Bethesda, F.E.A.R. 3 is delayed... again, the guys at Frictionnal Games found the bright light in PC gaming, Bethesda wants you to experience *real* combat in Skyrim, Jowood experiences difficulties and The Foxhole almost forgot to wish itself an happy birthday.


The Foxhole Week (2011-1) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Starfox   
Friday, 07 January 2011 19:24

Welcome to the first issue of The Foxhole Week. As obviously the concept of independent daily news hasn't worked in ages for us (remember this is a hobby, not a real life job and real life has ways to remind you that other things need to be done rather than playing games and writing game related news) I decided to go with a new form of news. No more independent article for each news item available daily but rather a weekly edition featuring the more prominent (or amusing, or delirious or whatever pleases us) news. That should help with keeping things easier to manage in the spare time schedule. So here we go for the first issue of The Foxhole Week during which:

Bioware unveil the first DLC for their upcoming Dragon Age 2, Ubisoft start to scrap their awful DRM scheme, Eidos developers are about to reveal the worst kept secret of the company during the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and I had my place electricity redone (yay!)


Review: Left 4 Dead PDF Print E-mail
Written by Starfox   
Tuesday, 03 November 2009 06:02
Doc Brown came with a review for Left 4 Dead published and developed by Valve after their acquisition of Turtle Rock studio in January 2008. For those not familiar with the concept, although everyone should have heard of it by now, Left 4 Dead is a survival horror game focused on cooperative gameplay.

Anyway, you'll no doubt learn more about it in Doc's Left 4 Dead review so feel free to read it. It is there for that after all.

L4D Logo

Extra Life Marathon 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Starfox   
Sunday, 11 October 2009 23:53
For the second year, the Extra Life marathon is taking place this month. The Extra Life marathon is a gathering of gamers all around the world who'll play on October 17 for 24 hours straight to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and treatment. All the funds raised go to the Texas Children's Hospital . Over $100,000 were raised during last year event and of course we expect more this time around.

Like last year, Marshall AKA "Little Bugger" from our hosted site Marshal's Machinima is participating in the event and you can reach his donation page right there. Donations are accepted until next weekend so this if you want to help the research and treatment for the kids, now is your chance.

Episodic Game Concept? Definitely Not Working For Valve. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Starfox   
Sunday, 19 July 2009 13:22
Just a little thought that has no other basis than the fact that I was replaying Half-Life Episode 2 the other day and that we're still without news of Episode 3, almost 2 years later. I think that it's safe to assume that Valve brilliantly demonstrated that the episodic concept is a failure regarding big projects although it works for small scale games like Telltale's Sam & Max that generated 2 seasons of respectively 6 and 5 episode released at the rate of 1 per month. But obviously, Half-Life is not Sam & Max and although Valve came with the "episodic" idea in the fist place, they failed to maintain the real meaning of the word (2 years+ of development is OK for a full game, not for a 6 hours "episode")

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