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Written by Starfox   
Tuesday, 26 February 2008 15:17

Mass Effect is a Science-Fiction RPG/Action third person perspective game developed by Bioware (and published by Microsoft) which received a rather warm welcome from the reviewers across the web when it was released for the Xbox 360 gaming system last Fall.

As usual when it comes to Microsoft, they made sure to give the exclusivity of the game to their little Xbox baby but today we have a firm release date set for the PC version of Mass Effect. It will be May 6 for both North America and Europe. We also have some screens of the PC version for you.

Mass Effect (PC version) Mass Effect (PC version)

The galaxy is trapped in an endless cycle of extinction. Every 50,000 years, an ancient machine race invades the galaxy. With ruthless efficiency, the machines wipe out all advanced organic civilization. They leave behind only the scattered ruins of technology, destroying all evidence of their own existence.

Few believe this ancient legend. You, however, know it to be true. The fight to stop this extinction event has become the most important mission in the galaxy. It is your mission.

As Commander Shepard of the SS Normandy, you will take your elite recon squad across a galaxy in turmoil, in a desperate race to stop the return of an enemy without mercy. To stop this enemy, you must act without remorse, without hesitation, and outside the limits of the law. Your only imperative is to preserve the safety of civilized life in the galaxy - at any cost. You must become the tip of the spear of humanity, for you alone know the full extent of what is at stake if you should fail.

Mass Effect (PC version) Mass Effect (PC version) Mass Effect (PC version)

The changes to the PC version compared to the Xbox one are as follow:

• Optimized controls designed specifically for the PC.
• High resolution visuals – Mass Effect for the PC features highly detailed textures, characters and environments.
• Fully customizable controls – PC gamers can re-map the control scheme any way they like.
• Run & Gun Control – Players can assign biotic powers or skills to ‘hot keys’ allowing them to play Mass Effect with a heavier focus on action.
• New decryption mini-game.
• New inventory screen GUI and functionality – The enhanced inventory system makes it easier for players to equip and modify their weapons and armor.

Of course, Mass Effect being RPG, it emphasizes the main character personalization via some screens like the ones shown below:

Mass Effect (PC version) Mass Effect (PC version) Mass Effect (PC version)

So, will we finally hit something that approaches Deus Ex 1 as to the gameplay value and replayability? I'm not even daring to hope, but this is a game to keep an eye on, just hoping that they didn't screw the port from the Xbox. The answer on May 6.

Oh and for more information, it's always a good idea to check the official site.

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