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Written by Starfox   
Tuesday, 18 March 2008 02:02
Well, it seems that Electronic Arts is heading for a full promotion of the coming PC Version of Mass Effect, the acclaimed third-person action/RPG Xbox 360 title developed by Bioware. And they start by releasing 3 videos extracted from the PC version to show the differences with the Xbox 360 one (of course only those who have played the Xbox version will be able to see the differences but... whatever; at least it gives some taste of what the PC version will be). Oh and yeah, there is also a fourth video but this one is well "special". I'm not sure what was exactly the purpose of Electronic Arts in releasing that one.

Mass Effect (PC version)

Mass Effect (PC version)

First, we have a video presenting a general overview with a bit of dialogs just to set up the mood.

Then we go on with another one showing a bit of the PC interface.

And another one featuring pure combat, just so you know what to expect.

And finally there is the last piece, the one that apparently -- if the little bird talking to my ear is right -- caused some shock when the Xbox version was released (I don't see clearly why myself). I'm not sure why EA released that one, either it was to present all the aspect of Mass Effect or just to get this troubling matter (to some) out of the way as soon as possible or just because well... sex IS marketing (how shocking is that?). Anyway, I am instructed to remind you that Mass effect is ESRB Mature 17+. So well, make sure you know what age you are before clicking the play button... (Although I still don't see what's the problem... Could someone enlighten me there?)

There... Got yours? lol Well good because apparently it's the hottest the game can get so don't get too excited. There's certainly nothing more than what you could get on TV a Saturday night while your parents are away and that your baby-sitter is too busy phoning her friends.

Earlier this week, Bioware also wanted to reassure PC gamers stating that the PC Version of Mass Effect was a real PC version and not some dumb port. The graphics have been reworked, the interface too, the menus and inventory are more "PC friendly" and the controls have been completely adjusted to our favorite keyboard/mouse combo. Of course this was all developer's talk so we'll have to check by ourselves.

The PC version of Mass Effect is still scheduled for a release on May 6th, worldwide.

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