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Written by Starfox   
Thursday, 22 May 2008 08:20
The newly formed Polish developer Gingerbread Studios announced  with a whole lot of the usual superlatives (you know, "visceral", "tense", "enthralling", "masterly" and other "tactical stealth" -- if only developers and publishers could realize that there is no point in using words that have been used several thousands times before; just cut the speech and deliver the goods, period) their upcoming first title named The Protector. This will apparently be a first/third person shooter -- or so they say. They also released a bunch of screens as a demonstration of what this can be all about.

The Protector The Protector

The Protector centers on the exploits of two vastly different characters - hardened British mercenary Jonathan Kane and beautiful US archaeologist Jennifer Guile. After an acrimonious two-year estrangement, these two former lovers are reunited when Jennifer's father - a leading archaeologist - is murdered by a new terrorist organization called Scarlet Vengeance, which is looking for a powerful Aztec artifact to use for a devastating terrorist attack. When Scarlet Vengeance's attentions turn to Jennifer - the only person who knows the location of the artifact - Kane is forced to track her down and protect her. Thrown together in extreme circumstances, the duo must overcome their differences and use their unique skills to thwart the terrorists' horrifying plan.

That's it for the "enthralling storyline". Are you thrilled? Good. If not, welcome to the club. Or maybe that's just me. The overwhelming use of superlatives in each sentence tends to have on me the exact opposite effect of what is generally expected by people putting the superlatives there. I'm not specifically talking about the bit of storyline above but rather about the annoying description of features that follows the bit of storyline and that I won't even bother putting here.

The Protector The Protector The Protector
The Protector

Although when one thinks about it, the storyline itself is amusing enough. One has all the ingredients of a basic Hollywood movie that could get good or bad depending on the level of technical skills put in it.

No release date is scheduled but The Protector is being developed for both PC and Xbox 360 (that's supposed to makes us feel more confortable?).

Want to have a better and less acid news from me next time? Easy enough: just stop using superlatives every three words in your upcoming press releases. There's a difference between being enthusiastic and... well, the rest. So next time just the facts and I'll be OK. 

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