Mass Effect 1 New Patch And DLC Print
Written by Starfox   
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 15:20
More than a year after the initial release, a patch 1.02 is available for Mass Effect. It is no surprise considering that a new DLC titled Pinnacle Station has also been released.

The list of the bugs fixed in the new patch is interesting because these are mainly bugs that should have been fixed sometime during the preceding 12 months (or even better: with the first patch). Please note that the comments made below relate to the delay between the first and the second patch:

- The pixilated bloom and DoF on Radeon x1650 and x1950 cards has been addressed [If unlike me you didn't change your old X1950 XTX card in order to play the newest games... You really reaaaally need that one... Then again, if you played some of the newest games, chances is that you don't have the card anymore so the fix is a bit late...]

- Low LOD on Garrus' face has been addressed [that's shocking news man... Maybe the community won't have to release a nth Garrus' Face patch for a change...]

- Player will not become stuck in his action station in elevators (primarily occurred in the Peak 15 elevators) [Sooo... This *was* a bug? I always thought it was just part of the fun to get stuck in elevators, forced to cheat your way out or reload a savegame lol ]

- Addressed cases where Realtec HD audio users were experiencing issues with cut off / crackling audio after patching the game to version 1.01 [So one year to fix a problem created by the previous patch... That's fast  Roll Eyes ]

- Nihilus and all Turians are no longer missing their face markings [Oh, I just mark this one because of the way they spell Nihlus... Apparently focusing on Mass Effect 2 they don't really remember the first one either]

Well, at least I suppose we should be happy to get a patch...

As for the DLC, Pinnacle Station, is it really something worth of the $4.99 to be spent on (yeah, unlike the first one, this one isn't free)? I don't know having not played it. The DLC for the PC version is up to grab from EA Store (I won't give you a direct link because EA Store keeps directing me to the French version of the page no matter what language I wish to use but hey just do a search for "Mass Effect" on EA Store and you'll get it).

Like the first DLC, the content of this one is accessible through the galactic map. Pinnacle Station is apparently one big arena in which you have to beat a number of challenges in order to win something (a little bird told me: a new gun) and that's it. If you love arenas, you'll probably like it... If not, well...

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