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Written by Silver Sorrow   
Sunday, 14 March 2010 18:28
If you've been following the Mass Effect 2 DLC (and who hasn't?) then you'll know that, apart from new armors that you just can't seem to pry the friggin' helmets off of, they have much, MUCH more in store for you. It's almost obscene how much new content is coming your way, much like a tsunami of awesome that...

...dial it back a bit. Members of the Cerberus Network just got the Arc Projector weapon for free a few days ago -- I made a krogan do the chain-lightning cha-cha and it was sweet -- but one of the two upcoming DLCs will not be gratis this time.

The Firewalker DLC will feature the Hammerhead, which is essentially a hover tank. Yay, right? Right. Coming in late March, it will be free to Cerberus Network members.

Officially Announced: Kasumi's Stolen Memory (character profile here), featuring the new squadmate/henchwoman Kasumi Goto, has been announced. Officially. (Other sources mention an April 6th release date, but not those wily BioWarians.) But with with a price tag, this time. Apparently Bioware hasn't decided on how much they will charge yet, so there's plenty of time to prepare yourself for the inevitable tiresome "DLC-should-be-free!" backlash. Some further reading on the subject: Joystiq (no spoilers) ... IGN (warning: a few spoilers) ... and Gamespot, who cannot seem to publish anything without spoiling every single bit of the subject!!, so be warned if you go there. In fact, I'm not even providing a link. You're welcome.

EDIT: Wording and stuff. Now it's, like, you know, confirmed or something.

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