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Written by Starfox   
Monday, 03 March 2008 13:02

Now, that's a funny one. The graphic cards manufacturer Powercolor is organizing a performance competition based on the well known benchmarking software 3D Mark. The funny bit is that the competition is not about who has the best but who has the worst. To win the first prize (a Radeon HD 3850 AGP), contestants will have to provide the link to the proof, validated by Futuremark, that they indeed have the rig which performed the worst under 3D Mark 2003... The competition is titled PIMP MY RIG and subtitled Make The Worst To Get The Best. And it's a worldwide competition so anyone is free to join. Your time is limited though since it ends on March 16.

So it's seems the time has come to clean your old Voodoo 3 equipped Pentium III to give this a try (but other people will have thought of that before you anyway -- apparently one is not limited regarding the rig used, as long as it can run the 3D Mark03 series of tests including the test Nature -- which of course rules out the Voodoo 3; a shame I still has one in a drawer). Will you be able to tweak your machine the good way so it performs exactly the opposite of what you would expect? The answer in the next episode. What will the marketing guys will invent next time? But well, at least it has the merit to be original.

Oh yeah, here's the link if you care to give this a try.


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