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Written by Starfox   
Sunday, 09 March 2008 22:32

Most people think -- me first -- that a computer case is something functional. When I look for one, I don't look for the eye candy but for reasonable thermal and sound reduction performances which ended up for me in choosing an Antec P182 as my latest case... It is not particularly pretty, it is rather heavy but it has a lot of good practical ideas -- even including a little built-in box attached behind the central removable HD bay to stash your loot, your naughty pictures... er... your screws and little technical stuff, I mean; don't worry the case comes with keys -- and it is a performer as far as silence and temperature are concerned.


Fortunately, all people are not as blind minded with little imagination as the safe-like of me. Companies are out there saying "To hell with the performances! You don't need your case to be practical! You just need it to look cool! It doesn't matter if your motherboard temp goes as high as 150°F in full Winter. Your components burn? Just buy new ones!". And they don't just preach, they act, which gives these little things that were on display at the CeBIT of this year in Hannover (Germany).


As for the last one, it seems to already announce the result that can be expected... Your components will actually fry and melt... Apparently the case itself is already half-way there.

For the record, the GMC featured on a good share of these cases is not for General Motors but for a rather obscure South-Korean company.

I like the flying saucer design with some flowers on top. It just sounds like such a good excuse: "No honey, I swear, I didn't bought that one to play with, I bought it just for you... See the flowers?"

OK, that was fun... Just so you know, I placed a registration for a patent concerning a BS Limited Edition enclosure (also known as BS Supercase Undie-Less/Fan-Less/Brain-Less -- and feel free to translate the "BS" as you wish). Not only it looks cool but it comes with A-grade performances regarding temperature. To reduce costs it doesn't even have any high-tech features (and since it looks damn pretty, it doesn't need to), I just had to remove the bottom of the case. Ventilation assured for all your components! If you're interested... don't even think about calling me.


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