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Written by Starfox   
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 11:09
With all the "dating in circle" fun happening in Hollywood -- you know, stars exchanging their lovers, boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-husband/wife... -- you might think that viruses have a good chance of being involved at some point, especially without condoms.

The guys at McAffee (the anti-virus developer) think it too, but not for the same reasons. During the past three years, they have built an annual list of the most dangerous celebrities on the web. "Most dangerous"... why? Because a search involving their name in your favorite search engine has a fairly good chance of leading you to a virus spawner (a site delivering computer viruses, worm, spyware, adware...etc.)

This year winner is Jessica Biel with -- according to McAffee -- half the result sites when searching for screensavers being identified as threats. She successfully takes the first place instead of Brad Pitt, last year winner. #2 is Beyoncé, apparently not because of the number of threatening sites but because of the nastiness of the viruses involved and #3 is Jennifer Aniston with 40% of the result sites identified as threats. The whole list is available from McAffee which have apparently a lot of free time on their hands

Of course, this annual "awards" list is just a publicity stunt for McAffee but at least it's a fun one and containing some seeds of truth being the occasion to remind you of some common things:

First, can you really see your computer being infected that way? With the latest version of your favorite browser (whatever it is) and if you have a decent common sense, the answer is "unlikely" (an A/V software will of course be of some help too but it doesn't have to be McAffee). The fact is that virus distributor sites are not really subtle. As soon as you try to contact them, the first thing they do is to offer  you the installation of a nicely named and completely free software, plugin or ActiveX control (this last one being only for Internet Explorer). If one day you're confronted on a site to a popup or message box saying "Install the free xxxx nude pictures viewer (or screensaver) signed by unknown developer" where "xxxx" is the name of a star, the easy way to escape the potential catastrophe is to click "Cancel" and to get the Hell out of there (and of course to black-book the site for future reference).

A legit site will never offer you to install anything out of nowhere. Commonly what you might be asked to install visiting a site (to be able to use all the site functionalities) are:

- Shockwave Flash (signed by Adobe Inc.),
- Silverlight (signed by Microsoft),

And occasionally:

- Quicktime  (signed by Apple),
- RealPlayer (signed by Real Networks),
- WIndows Media Player (signed by Microsoft)
- Adobe Reader (signed by Adobe)
- Java (signed by Sun Microsystems)

All the above plugins and software must be identified and have a valid and secured signature from their original developer. The best is to go download what you need from these developers sites directly so you know from where you get the software. Furthermore no website will ask you to install one of these plugins if you already have them installed and up to date.

All other plugins or software (particularly those that are not signed or mentioned as "developer unknown") must be treated with utmost caution.

Anyway, Bravo to Jessica Biel for this year "Most Dangerous Web Celebrity" award which might or might not be deserved/welcomed  biglaugh

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