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Written by Starfox   
Thursday, 22 May 2008 07:13
Remember these times where all you had to do was to eat and not be eaten? Probably not although nothing has changed since the very beginning of the big life game, social concerns just made things more complicated. In anticipation of the release in early June of their "creatures editor", the folks from Maxis released a new video and some screens showing the first gameplay phase of their upcoming life simulation title Spore, the "cell phase".

Spore Spore

In Spore, you begin your life as a mere cell following a meteor crash on an unknown planet. The goal of the game in its full version that will be released next September is to create a life form viable enough to establish a real civilisation eventually able to conquer the galaxy. But for that of course, players will have to start at the beginning, with the simplest form of life: the cell.

Spore Spore Spore

As stated by Maxis, your early choices in the design of your first cell, will have consequences in the future of your newly created species, either good or bad.

Spore Spore Spore

Even after seeing the gameplay video below, it's hard to figure what the gameplay of Spore will really feel like. Hopefully, the "creature editor" to be released in June will help answer the questions that we still have about that. One thing is sure, it will be your chance to play God (if you're willing to see that from an over-inflated ego point of view) or to put on your lab rig and go experiment (if you're like the casual "wanna create life" mad scientist -- not sure that there is a difference between the two points of view though).

As already mentioned, the full game Spore developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts will be released next September (scheduled September 4 for Europe and September 7 for North America) while the Spore creatures editor featuring about 25% of the capabilities of the full game will be released as a free download next month.

As for the official site it's right there


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