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General News
Written by Starfox   
Saturday, 29 January 2011 04:49

Another relatively poor week on the PC gaming front that has only been saved by the release of Dead Space 2, the first "real" game available for the PC platform in this beginning of the year 2011 after the real desert that was the end of last year. Despair not, things should definitely improve from now on on the PC front. with a pack of releases to come. PC games are like wines; 2011 should be a relatively good year... if nothing gets delayed and lives up to gamers expectations (for some of them that will be a real challenge). Potential gems to come include: Dragon Age 2, The Witcher 2, F.E.A.R. 3, Deus Ex: Revolutions, Duke Nukem Forever and Mass Effect 3 among other things and possibly in that order. Yeah it's the year of series (well, except for DNF that is just a zombie, THE zombie of gaming; 12 years in the making and it died several times during the pregnancy always to be reborn again. They should turn that into a future game: DNF -- The Making).

But without anticipating -- and mindlessly derailing -- too much let's go back to this week, during which:

Electronic Arts blew my mind -- not necessarily in a good way, Cerberus reveals Bioware intentions for this year (not that these intentions weren't already known for the most part) and Bethesda had almost nothing to say -- as usual -- but made a point to say it anyway.

Mass Effect 2: DLC Almost Before The Game PDF Print E-mail
Third Person Perspective
Written by Starfox   
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 06:25
As we are a few days away from the launch date for Mass Effect 2, Bioware unveils the Cerberus Network (no link since the thing is for customers only), a site that will be reserved to original purchasers of the game, features being unlocked by a "one use" activation code that will be included with all the game copies whether they are standard or collector. The Cerberus Network will allow legit customers to have access to additional content at "no extra charge" said Bioware officials and that apparently right from day one (those who will buy a used copy will be able to access Cerberus too but only after having bought a new activation code; take the money where it is is always a philosophy, maybe not the brightest but still...).

Review: Dead Space PDF Print E-mail
Site News
Written by Starfox   
Friday, 31 July 2009 02:14
This times it's our dear leader of the pack Rogue Wolf bringing us a review of the game Dead Space.

EA marketing, usually so agressive, was not particularly brilliant here because this particular title remained more or less under the radar. But hey, it's not because a game vanishes in dead space that it is bad. According to Rogue's review score, it isn't.

So have a break and go read the review for Dead Space.

Viva New Vegas! ...Not To Mention A Release Date For Broken Steel PDF Print E-mail
First Person Perspective
Written by Silver Sorrow   
Thursday, 23 April 2009 10:07
Even though the news is a couple of days old, you haven't heard/read it yet unless you hear/read it from me. Just accept it.

Anyway, as posted on the Bethesda Blog (yes, I know: I post second- and third-hand information as "news." Bite me.), Fallout: New Vegas has been announced. Instead of Bethesda being the hamsters in the wheel this time around, this one's being developed by Obsidian Entertainment...which has a few people from Black Isle, which in turn created the original Fallout...

...of course, this apparently gives license to certain people to call this a "true" sequel to Fallout 2. Please be aware that if you're doing that, you're a complete waste of skin.

Sam And Max: Season Finale Shows A Little Bit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Starfox   
Thursday, 27 March 2008 06:08
All good things must have an end or so they say. Telltale games just released some screens and a trailer for the upcoming last episode of the second season of Sam & Max (episode 205) What's New BEELZEBUB?.

Sam & Max (Episode 205): What\'s New BEELZEBUB? Sam & Max (Episode 205): What\'s New BEELZEBUB?

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