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  • Adventure Games   ( 4 Articles )

    Games with high focus on storyline, puzzles, exploration. May include some action depending on titles.

  • First Person Perspective Games   ( 25 Articles )

    Games played from a first person perspective (favoring a full immersion like a FPS) with some focus on action but not necessarily shooters.

  • Half-Life Mods   ( 5 Articles )

    Here you'll find reviews for the games of the Half-Life series. Don't forget to also check Bobdog's Half-Life 2 mods mini reviews thread in our Forum.

  • Other Games   ( 3 Articles )

    Reviews of games that do not easily fall in one of the other categories.

  • Thief Fan Missions   ( 4 Articles )

    Reviews of Fans Missions for the games Thief The Dark Project/Gold, Thief 2: The Metal Age and Thief: Deadly Shadows. Fan missions are the Thief equivalent of maps and mods for other games.

  • Third Person Perspective Games   ( 21 Articles )

    Games played in a third person perspective ("out" of and generally behind the main character) with some focus on action but not necessarily shooters.


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