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Friday, 07 March 2008 15:51
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Developer: Crytek GmbH
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Demo download (
Official site
Average Price (at review publication time): USD 45

ESRB Mature 17+ (Blood, Strong language, Violence)
European PEGI Mature 16+ (Depiction of violence, Bad language)

And this review is Foxhole rated AOETHHTSWTVOL or as anyone already understood (Adults Old Enough To Have Had Their Share With The Vicissitudes Of Life) because of: occasional strong language, sexual references, celebrity themed fun and many other things that I thought without writing them because I like to censor myself... Oh, and I forgot to mention the intense violence against and abuse I made of both my computer keyboard and mouse... poor things. But don't worry, I'll never manage to achieve Silver Sorrow's level in terms of silliness... You can't beat the master...

Some of the links in this review lead to external sites that do not belong and are not maintained by The Foxhole. The Foxhole staff is not responsible for the content of these sites or the way their owners deal with privacy. These links are here for informational purpose only.


The version of the game used for this review was 1.1. The 1.2 patch was released just after I finished writing it and really I didn't have any will to play Crysis again so soon just to test what the patch 1.2 might fix or not. Anyway that wouldn't have changed a lot to the score since the gameplay was a good point to me and the bugs -- so few I encountered -- weren't really considered a bad one.


Very few other games have been more hyped than Crysis before its release not even its predecessor Far Cry. There were even a bunch of fan sites already online while the folks hadn't even played a beta of the game. And the most hyped of the hyped aspects of Crysis was without a doubt the graphics. The Crytek team released screens after movies after screens that were -- I admit it myself -- pretty amazing. Putting as much stress on graphics was not new since Crytek has always gone that way for all the games they developed which would be... two. Far Cry on its release was arguably the most beautiful game ever seen and Crysis, running on the Cry Engine 2, had no choice but to follow the same route. And there I feel compelled to explain you before going any further how I function myself as a human and a reviewer. Don't worry that won't take long.

See, we live in a society were everything -- and everyone -- being beautiful is deemed the best thing ever invented. I call that the "Hollywood Syndrome" (because this is the area in which the phenomenon is the most visible, not because it originated from there). It doesn't matter if an actor has the same acting credibility than a plate of spaghetti, as long as they are beautiful, that makes up for it with an awful lot of people staring in awe and genuinely wondering how somebody can be so great (and don't get me wrong, there are actors both beautiful and with an awesome talent, it's just that it's far to be a general rule). Me I tend to take the other way. As the saying goes "When the bride is too beautiful, you'd better watch out". I'm naturally inclined to find qualities (or at least to try to) in average looking people while I'm being much more cautious with beautiful ones. Beauty shouldn't be an excuse for mediocrity. I'm not saying that I'm about to crush Crysis within this review because it is beautiful, I'm just saying that for something that beautiful I expect the storyline and the gameplay (both essential parts of any game to me) to meet the same excellence. Is it the case? Well You're going to find out... or at least you'll have my opinion. And now onto the review itself.


Crysis Crysis Crysis


They called it Nomad... Whatever his real name was

So let's get through a little bit of the story, shall we? The character the player incarnate is codenamed Nomad (it must be difficult for him to find an apartment and he's probably always between two girlfriends. He must also have trouble finding his keys and remembering the last time he took a shower... well, anyway...). Note that within the game, all the main characters just have nicknames, Jester, Psycho, Prophet, Nomad and whatnot. At no point I can remember someone stating "this guy is named..." -- although a quick search on Wikipedia comes up with a name for Nomad and that would be Lt Jake Dunn, but how the heck did they get this info? I don't know since both the game and the game manual are particularly weak in the area of characters bios -- which in turn directly affected my final feeling about the storyline in the most unfortunate way (I'll explain that a bit later). But well, the use of nicks are not a problem in itself; after all in The Foxhole staff we are all known by our nicks and very few elected people know our real names. So I'm OK with that.


* Interlude *

However I'm not OK with the fact that some people still think I'm a woman given my own nickname... It appears that "Starfox" isn't very manly to the taste of some... Well, that's all right, I let you in a little secret, I'm Paris Hilton. Why Paris Hilton? Why not Britney Spears? No reason in particular (I don't even like any of them) but it's the first names that came to my mind right now -- Hey! Guess what! The overdose of "shit happens" via carefully staged events across the media really does work to build up and maintain a level of fame; of course, the lack of underwear also helps. Think about it... Someone tells you "Name the first celebrity that comes to your mind" chances are that -- if you're not interested in any particular celebrity -- the first name that will pop up will be one of the two above. Talking about promotion, you might actually find some other celebrity names scattered across this review. You have no idea how a few well placed celebrity names can help when it comes to search engines. I already imagine Britney and Paris fans finding this review and going ballistic "Crysis?! WTF! What relation with our beloved [place the name you want here]?". Actually there is a relation: Crysis is to the gaming arena the equivalent of a carefully nurtured and well publicized star. [EDIT: in fact you won't find anymore celebrity fun in the rest of this review. Originally there was a lot in the final draft but I was so fed up with it that I just removed it all. So sadly you won't know what happened to Hilton's little furry friend nor what Britney's "special place" really looks like -- although actually you may already know that one -- and you definitely won't know where her only available set of underwear ended up on that "dreadful day".]

* End of the Interlude *


Crysis Crysis Crysis


Go have a coffee while I put my ideas back together

My, my, I'm sorry... where was I? Ah yes, Nomad, Crysis... So here's the story: a team of scientists was on a Linghan island in the Philippine sea to conduct some secret research. Then BOOM, the North-Koreans decide to invade the island and to detain the scientists. Why would they do that? Nobody knows. The only intelligence that the CIA was able to gather was from a pretty garbled radio transmission from a Helena Rosenthal, the daughter of the lead scientist. She talked about the North-Korean invasion and evoked something that the research team discovered buried in the ground that could change the face of humanity. What is this all about? Nomad and his little playmates are about to be the ones to find out since they are sent on an "intelligence gathering / rescue the hostages" mission -- otherwise known as "quickly get in, do your stuff and get out" like a former girlfriend of mine used to tell me, part of the reasons why I call her "former". They are an elite team of 5 advanced soldiers, the finest of the finest, the cream of the cream, the best of the best (well, you got the general idea) all wearing an A-grade gear right from the finest military development facilities the US of A have to offer, the famous Nanosuit on which I will come back later, since it is a pretty huge part of the gameplay.

As they jump from the transport plane right onto the island, the "shit hit the fan" as one would say, "something" (not the same than the one that previously hit the fan) hits Nomad who loose all control of his parachute and of his suit -- and of his nerves, just a little -- while all his team mates are scattered on several points of the island... It's the D-Day all over again in a pure 82nd and 101st airborne fashion... Nobody hits the landing zone. What a shame with all the technology they're literally wrapped in.



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