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Written by Doc_Brown   
Thursday, 10 August 2006 18:00
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Thief: Deadly Shadows
The Smiths-in-Exile
Riddles in the Dark
All that Glitters
The Strange Twist of a Street
The Wind Blows
Fallen into Shadow
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Ion Storm Austin
Publisher: EIDOS Interactive
Official Site and Demo
ESRB Mature 17+ (Blood and Violence)
PEGI 12+ (Game contains depictions of violence, bad language)

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A Drop of Time
There’s an undeniable magic to the world of Thief—and I’m not talking about the literal magic that the Hammerites and Pagans wing back and forth with so much verve, either. I’m talking about that feeling that comes over you when you’re totally immersed in this unique world, that subconscious recognition of artistry. Looking Glass may no longer be with us, but their legacy lives on. And though the magic may be fettered at times by glitches, limitations, and the occasional flawed execution, its beauty will always, always shine through.  


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