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Thursday, 23 August 2007 15:44
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An Aside About The Minions
As one observer noted while watching me play -- how I hate that -- minions aren't very smart. As I pointed out: if they were smart, I wouldn't be Overlord.

Not So Tough Without Your Minions, Are You Butterwings?
Let's take a look at you...as the Overlord, I mean. You have glowing eyes, a cool set of armor, and an axe. And that's only the beginning. As you find the smelters that make up your forge, you'll be able to smith new weapons and armor using the lives of your minions, who are happy to hurl themselves into your smelters so as to imbue your equipment with special effects. Different minions mean different effects given to the pieces, of course.

"Armor" refers to everything you wear below your neck. This is considered a one-piece affair, so there won't be any mucking about with pauldrons and greaves and whatnot. Browns will enhance the defensive capabilities of the armor...meaning, they make it tougher. Reds will increase your store of mana, letting you have more mind juice for hurling spells. Greens will impart health regeneration to your armor, which is damned useful, let me tell you. Blues will...hell, I don't remember. Probably something important. Oh, wait: they "increase your store of physical power"...whatever that means. I'll go with the obvious conclusion, thankyaverymuch.

Your helmet is not just a way to keep people from noticing how ugly you are. It doesn't matter what type of minion you use, but having them sacrifice themselves for the sake of your helmet will give you the power to command greater numbers of minions. The ultimate helmet, made of Arcanium, when fully upgraded will give you 15 extra minions to toss at stuff.

You begin the game with an axe; the axe is a balanced effort to reconcile speed and strength. The sword is fast but not as strong, and the mace is strong but not very fast. In addition, upgrading your weapon with minions gives it extra capabilities, such as fire damage, increased damage, kickback damage, and so on.

As you find the smelters -- there are three -- you'll be able to replace your default steel armor with stronger materials: Durium and, towards the end, Arcanium. I mention all of this because you will need all the help you can get. Because in the beginning, you're something of a wuss. If you'll allow me a female genitalia metaphor...

...then again, no. You don't want to know.

Besides being able to smack things around and looking all evil Overlord-like, you also have the ability to use magic in various fun ways. There are four categories of spells, each with increasing effectiveness and special effects as you discover them; so in all you'll have roughly twelve spells. Fireball, Flamethrower, and Inferno make up the fire spell category, for example. Other spells affect self-defense (shield spell), minion behavior, and foes (Domination).

Personally, I didn't really have much use for anything other than the fire spells...

Rooms Crowded With Empty People
As you progress through the game, new areas of your tower will be opened up, thanks to the ongoing renovations. From the start, you can visit the minion spawning pits (adjacent to the tomb where they disinterred you) and do whatever it is you'd like down there.

After retrieving the crane in one of the first missions, the dungeon will open up. The dungeon will allow you, with a party of minions (natch), to fight in an arena-type environment. Fight what? Well, the standard foes you've beaten will be recreated by the tower for your re-killing amusement. So after you finish the crane acquisition mission -- during which you face Halflings and a Troll -- you'll be able to go to the dungeon and fight them all over again in great numbers. It's not designed to be even remotely fair to you, so don't get all sniffly on me, princess.

Further on, you'll have the Forge and your private chambers to explore. Also, you'll be able to get a mistress, who will help you spend all that gold you've been accumulating by upgrading your tower decorations. Depending on the mistress and how evil you are, these appointments will vary in nature.

Say What??
Let's face it: you're already evil. But are you *merely* evil, or REALLY evil? I suppose you can look at the D&D designations for inspiration, should you wish to label yourself. Just don't come crying to me when someone calls you a huge nerd for doing so.

Let's say you're something of a benevolently evil Overlord; you don't kill peasants, you give them food when they need it, you help out some elves who have fallen on hard times...and so on. You're still an evil Overlord, but you aren't a raving lunatic who drenches your own domain in the blood of the proles...because they're more useful alive than dead. Also, helping others helps *you*, forging bonds that they cannot break, as they are indebted to you for saving their miserable lives. This would make you Lawful Evil.

Now then. Suppose you don't kill peasants all willy-nilly, but will take their food and screw those hard-luck elves over for a big pot of gold. You rule with an iron fist, but you still aren't a homocidal maniac...except when you need to be. You are Neutral Evil.

Try this one out: you're a blood-soaked whackbag who kills the living crap out of anything that moves; death to everyone who would dare to breathe in your direction. You, my bloodthirsty friend, are Chaotic Evil.

The game keeps track of how evil you are, exactly. If you follow the Lawful Evil path closely and don't harm anyone who doesn't really deserve it, you will avoid Corruption points. Your tower decorations will be more grand in nature, as well.

However, if you try your damnedest to be as evil as is Overlordly possible, you will be awarded Corruption points and your tower decorations will be dark and sinister, reflecting your will; as will your armor, being blackened and intimidating. It doesn't really make a *huge* amount of difference in the end: peasants may love or hate you, depending how you treat them, and you get different ending movies, reflecting how evil you are. But it is nice to have choices.


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