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Thursday, 23 August 2007 15:44
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Wait...Did You Say..."Mistress"?!
Yup. Your mistress -- every Overlord needs a resident mistress; it's the law -- will handle things like tower decoration and provide companionship by wandering around your throne room. You have two prospects, each one tending towards how bad you are. They figure heavily in the plot towards the end, so I won't elaborate too much on their ultimate roles to play. Let's just say that their presence implies more than it illustrates, which is fine by me; I have stuff to kill.

Rose is the "good" mistress; keeping her has your tower stuff look more grand in nature; after a certain point, she'll also upgrade your Brown and Blue minions...what that means, exactly, is beyond my feeble understanding to grasp. I suppose she makes them stronger, but it's never really explained. This is Rose:


Velvet is the "evil" mistress, which means that she's more...uh...just look at the screenshot below. She reminds me of Elexis Sinclaire, actually...my, my. Anyway, picking her will give you those vaunted Corruption points you've been desperately collecting in hopes of being WAY evil. She'll also give you the ability to upgrade your Red and Green minions. This is Velvet:

An easy choice for me. I guess it all depends on personal preference and/or the degree of evilhood you wish to attain. Obtain. Retain. Sustain.

Whatever. The point is...

...I forgot my point. Let's take a look at my two playthroughs:

#1: I was the benevolent Overlord. Evil, yet nurturing. I fed the peasants, I saved the Elves, and so on. My tower was filled with luxurious carpets, statuary, and I had a mistress who was stern, but loyal. I had 0% Corruption and I got the "good" ending.

#2: I was thoroughly and unrepentantly evil. I starved the peasants, raided their homes, kidnapped their women for servants, fed the Elves to slugs, obliterated their race for the sake of a huge pot of gold, etc. My tower and armor were black and forboding, my decorations were on the decidedly demonic side, and my mistress had a huge rack and liked shiny things, which I went out of my way to obtain for her (the shiny things, I mean; she had previously obtained the rack elsewhere). Life was good. I ended up with 72% Corruption (I must've missed a chance to be a jerk to someone), and I got the "evil" ending.

Comparing the two experiences, I preferred the "good" ending (it was funnier)...but I preferred having Velvet as my mistress (Rose was a nag and not as blatantly hot). I suppose what I could do, if I were so bored as to start a THIRD game, is keep Velvet, but keep performing good deeds to offset the Corruption thing. Would it work? Who knows?

Who Else Can Help Me? Hello?!??
You're guided in your evilness by Gnarl, an older, wizened minion who will communicate with you through the power of your Tower Heart (the magical orb that powers the whole mess). He'll provide direction and advice so that you don't stand around wondering what the hell you're gonna do next. Your mistress will also throw in a comment or two at odd times, but it's mostly for commentary's sake.

Am I Playing The Game...Or Is The Game Playing Me?
Gameplay mostly consists of directing your minions to do stuff, which involves killing stuff, breaking stuff, carrying stuff, turning cranks to open stuff, or doing miscellaneous stuff to stuff, and other stuff.

The rest of the gameplay (a small part) involves doing things yourself, which may or may not be your ultimate downfall, considering how much of a weak sister you are without your minions. Just remember this: every time Sauron took to the battlefield himself, he lost. Don't be Sauron if you can possibly help it.**
[** If I'm wrong, don't e-mail me about it. I don't care.]

Mostly, you'll be telling your minions to perform actions suited to their particular talents. Some puzzle-solving is inevitable in places, of course: sweeping the little boogers through an obstacle course, or directing them to pull remote levers in a certain sequence, and so on. The puzzles aren't nerve-wracking, but the amount of patience and dedication you must apply to certain situations might be a little frustrating.

As for combat, the trick to being a successful master is to know when to pull your feisty little plunderers back from danger before they all die horribly. You can find more lifeforce, but that won't help you one bit if there aren't any respawning pits nearby. In that respect, the more difficult and boss-types enemies have some sort of warmup to their devastating attacks; spotting these and knowing what to do will save you from losing minions and/or getting your ass kicked into your spiffy little helmet.

For example, the Trolls have a belly-flop attack that will crush minions dead...it won't do you too great either, so for evil's sake, keep your distance. You should direct your minions to whomp on the Troll; when he throws his arms wide, that means he's about to flop. Call your minions back quickly before that happens, then send 'em back after he hits the dirt. Do this a couple of times and the day will be yours. Of course, having more minions would invariably mean that repetition in these matters are truncated, but never fear: things get a lot tougher further on.

There are a few definite "now what??" moments to be had, but a little perserverance and exploration helps. And if these things don't do you any good, there's always GameFAQs.


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