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Tuesday, 28 September 2010 00:32
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: Bioware
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Average price at review time: $27 / €18 (standard edition)
Official site
Demo: PC download available from the first page of the official site in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian (1.9GB)

ESRB rating: Mature (Blood, Drug Reference, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Violence)
PEGI rating: 18+ (Strong language, violence)

If you are looking for Mass Effect 2 DLC reviews, go to our DLC dedicated page instead. The present review only addresses the vanilla game.

NB: The part of this review that are written in this color are from Silver Sorrow. We're not responsible for any brain damage resulting from reading these.

Mass Effect 2

2 years (a year and a half for PC owners) after the release of the first game (that we reviewed in its time), Mass Effect 2 is finally there promising a whole new set of challenges and new adventures for the famous Commander Shepard, first human Spectre, hero of the Citadel, destructor of Saren, annihilator of the Geth, crusher of Sovereign, winner of the Major Pain In The Ass award granted by the Reapers' Deep Space Society for his achievements and now... definitely dead or so it would seem.

Mass Effect 2

The day of the zombie

Well that bit is amusing. The first thing you witness after launching a new game (that can be done in two different ways but more on that later) is the destruction of the Normandy, the flagship of our dear Shepard. A few weeks after what is now known as the Battle Of The Citadel, while on patrol to find and annihilate the last pockets of Geth resistance, the Normandy finds herself under attack by a vessel of unknown origin. Everything goes down the drain, everyone is screaming and running for their life except Joker who in an ultimate death wish wants to sink with the ship and Shepard that, being the hero that he/she is, wants to rescue what is left to be rescued and of course that includes the aforementioned Jeff “Joker” Moreau. Pushing Joker in an escape pod, Shepard lose control of his attitude while the ship comes under another strike from the attacker. In a last gesture of chivalry, Shepard ejects Joker's pod and get spaced in the process with a big oxygen leak in his suit. While the Normandy goes down in flame, Shepard goes down too, horribly gasping for air and as if it wasn't enough, finally burning into the atmosphere of the planet below.

The Alliance: "Live fast, die young, leave a charred corpse."

Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 2

Two years later, the very same Shepard awakens in a scientific facility run by Cerberus demonstrating a) that Cerberus holds very little grudge against Shepard despite the fact that he blew up just about every project they had running in the first game and b) the undeniable superiority of the Shepard over the Space Hamster since – with a little help from Cerberus – he/she managed to come back from the dead with barely a scratch after being deprived of oxygen, consciously roasted at 1400°C, squashed on the ground at terminal velocity and other various and very unpleasant events. Well to be honest he/she has now some bits and pieces in his/her body that didn't exist before and is likely to make all the spaceport detectors screaming in distress but the important thing is that nothing else was changed. Same morals, same way to see life, same memories... in short the good old Shepard is back.

Also, if one's Shepard is female, she can pee standing up now.

Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 2

Of course the Illusive Man – the weird guy running Cerberus – had some motive to spend 4 billions credits and two years in Shepard's resurrection in the first place. The fact is that in the aftermath of the Battle Of The Citadel, only a handful of people still believe in the Reapers threat the vast majority being kept in sheer ignorance, believing that the attack on the Citadel was just the mere doing of the corrupt Spectre Saren Arterius and his army of Geth. Among the few that still know about the Reapers and consider them to be a threat are the Illusive Man and the previously dead Shepard. Shepard already know about the Reapers so there's no need for the Illusive Man to convince him/her all over again and he/she already destroyed one of them which is some kind of plus on the resume.

So the Illusive Man gives Shepard a new ship (the Normandy SR2 an upgraded and bigger version of the blown-up Normandy SR1 -- yeah like in the Navy it's kind of a tradition to give the name of dead ships to new ones) a new crew, some leads to assemble a team and a mission: to investigate a new threat that is possibly linked to the Reapers: the Collectors.


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