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Written by Starfox / Silver Sorrow   
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 21:05
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Mass Effect 2 DLC
Zaeed: The Price Of revenge
Normandy Crash Site
Project Firewalker
Kasumi: Stolen Memory
Lair Of The Shadow Broker
Project Overlord
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For the little anecdote, the DLC concept (short for DownLoadable Content) is something that was first issued by Bethesda Softwork for their The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion then used again for their Fallout 3 but that has also been quite given a warm welcome among the games developers community and Bioware has learned the lesson... very well. Whereas Mass Effect 1 had only 2 DLCs available, Mass Effect 2 has already a real bunch of them from mere cosmetic things to gameplay enhancements or full additional set of missions. For legit owners of the game, the first DLCs that were released are free but not included with the game. Users have to subscribe to the Cerberus Network using a special "one use only" serial provided with their copy of the game and once this done, they may download their "promotions" (or DLCs that could have been part of the game release but that instead are delivered on the side).

Anyway There are enough DLC released for Mass Effect 2 now to grant them their special review page. In here you'll find our appreciation of the diverse DLC (beware that depending on Bioware, more might be added in the future). Also, don't forget to check our vanilla Mass Effect 2 review if you didn't already.

Note that some of our reviews herein might contain spoilers regarding the vanilla Mass Effect 2 story. We made our possible so that doesn't happen but it's sometime unavoidable. When a spoiler was issued though we did our best to restrict it to not be too huge. Those who already played the vanilla Mass Effect 2 have nothing to fear, of course.

List of currently available DLC

The DLC noted as "Cerberus Network" below are available to all subscribers of the Cerberus Network at no charge. Subscribing to the Cerberus Network though is only free if you redeem the special code that comes with your original copy of the game. If you can't redeem this code (because you have a used copy for which the code has already been used for example) you can still subscribe to the Network but it will cost you a one-time fee of 1200 Bioware points (about $15). Non-free DLCs also cost a number of Bioware Points. Prices generally vary between $2 and $10, the minimum number of Bioware Points one can buy being currently 400 ($5). As we are not responsible for putting the price tag on Bioware Points or DLC, this information could be outdated at the time you read this review. Hence, we do not give the price for the DLC we review.

Additional Missions DLC:

Zaeed: The price of Revenge (Cerberus network)
Normandy Crash Site (Cerberus Network)
Project Firewalker (Cerberus network)
Kasumi: Stolen Memory
The Lair Of The Shadow Broker
Project Overlord
Arrival (To be reviewed soon...)

Armor, weapons and cosmetic DLC (no missions):

Note: the list of DLC below is just for reference. We won't be reviewing them as they only features things like armor and/or weapons so there's actually not much to review. We drop just a quick note about these: most of the armors included in these DLC are one piece and not customizable. Only exception is the Kestrel armor provided in the Aegis pack. Weapons provided within these DLC although generally more powerful than the vanilla ones (especially those in the Firepower Pack) are also much more limited in ammo. There is a way to make them more useful but due to the DLC authorization process implemented in the game it involves relatively complex editing that most gamers won't bother to go through.

Only things possibly worth getting in this list for any gamer are the Aegis pack (because of the Kestrel armor) and the Alternate appearance pack 1 (and that's just because it fixes Garrus' wrecked armor from the vanilla game). The Firepower pack would be a good choice too but that is only if you're dedicated enough to go through the tedious process of editing your game files in a way that won't invalidate the DLC so you can then change some weapon parameters (mainly the ammo quantity that is ridiculously low in some cases).

Cerberus Weapon And Armor (Cerberus Network)
Cerberus Arc Projector (Cerberus Network)
Collector Armor (only if you bought the Collector edition of Mass Effect 2)
Blood Dragon Armor (Special -- requires owning Dragon Age: Origin)
Alternate Appearance Pack 1: Garrus, Jack, Thane
Firepower Pack
Aegis Pack
Equalizer Pack
Alternate Appearance Pack 2: Tali, Grunt, Miranda



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