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Written by Starfox / Silver Sorrow   
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 21:05
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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Zaeed

Zaeed: The Price Of Revenge

Type: Henchman / Additional mission / Additional Weapon

One of the two DLCs that were available on day one of Mass Effect 2 release. This DLC mainly provides an additional henchman, Zaeed Massani. Zaeed is a human mercenary hired by Cerberus for the mission and is definitely the badass kind. If your Shepard is renegade, you will like him. Reliable under fire, he uses assault and sniper rifles which makes of him a good choice for all those missions where you really don't know what to expect. As all other teammates, Zaeed also has a unique power (incendiary grenade) that is unlocked once you've completed his loyalty mission.

Zaeed's a heavy-hitter, which is quite useful if your Shepard isn't...meaning, if your Shep is a techie or a goop slinger, you'll appreciate the distraction that a tank provides. Until you recruit the krogan, you'll likely rely upon him often.

Mass Effect 2 DLC: Zaeed Mass Effect 2 DLC: Zaeed Mass Effect 2 DLC: Zaeed

Zaeed is one of the two teammates for which there is no recruitment mission (you simply pick him up on Omega). However, there is still  a loyalty mission that will take you to Zorya, a planet where the Blue Suns mercenaries have invaded a refinery, holding the workers hostage. The mission is to liberate the refinery and the workers but Zaeed's plans somewhat differ from what Shepard would have expected. The way Shepard will handle the situation will grant either a major paragon or renegade bonus. Either way, Zaeed will become loyal.

Mass Effect 2 DLC: Zaeed Mass Effect 2 DLC: Zaeed Mass Effect 2 DLC: Zaeed

Like all missions in Mass Effect 2, The Price Of Revenge comes with its very own environment and settings. Jungle, trees, an exploding refinery and a good bunch of opponents are there waiting for you. All in all the DLC is well made albeit relatively short and with a rather straightforward gameplay (probably the only Mass Effect 2 DLC that doesn't really tries to implement something new); but you can't beat the price (free). Only reproach that can be made is that the interaction with Zaeed aboard the Normandy is pretty limited. Unlike vanilla teammates, you won't engage in any real conversation with him although he will always be there to tell you about his war stories. Other than that, Zaeed is fully integrated to the team and you can take him for any mission you wish without problem; as all other teammates he will voice his opinion of the situation when appropriate. It's even a bonus to have him during the Archangel mission (near the beginning of the game).

A note about the refinery: this part of the mission provides a substantial boost to your Paragon or Renegade scores, depending on the choice you make. As Starfox said, this choice will net you either a Heavy Weapon Ammo upgrade or an Assault Rifle Damage upgrade. Beyond that, this decision will affect the end of the mission. For various reasons, I usually take the Renegade option. For one thing, Zaeed really does have a point. For another, I'm not a rescue worker: I destroy things unequivocally. My Shepards are more akin to Godzilla than Zorro, in short.

Sometimes this justification drowns out the screams. Sometimes it doesn't.

Mission Bonuses:

  • M451 Firestorm flamethrower
  • One upgrade schematic (Heavy Weapon or Assault Rifle depending on your karma decision).

DLC Rated 8/10


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