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Written by Starfox / Silver Sorrow   
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 21:05
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Normandy Crash Site

Normandy Crash Site

Type: Additional mission

Second of the "Day 1" Mass Effect 2 DLC, Normandy Crash Site features the only mission in the whole game that Shepard may directly accomplish for his former employer (the Alliance). It all starts when Alliance Command sends Shepard a message informing that the location of the final crash of the old Normandy was located. They would like Shepard to go there to place a memorial for those of the old crew who died in the attack and to locate any missing dog tag so the families of the MIA can be at peace.

Frankly speaking, Normandy Crash Site is more a nostalgic gimmick than a real mission. It's one of the few missions in the game where Shepard goes groundside without any of his team simply because there's not a single enemy there. The hardest part of the mission is to locate the 20 missing dog tags scattered among the debris of the Normandy SR1. That is not to say however that it is badly done. Those who played the first game (and I assume most of the people playing Mass Effect 2 also played the first game) may find some memorable moments in this little harmless treasure hunt on the frozen land where the first Normandy met her final fate, each important spot of the crash site triggering a memory cut-scene. One may also gather some additional resources (Ezo) and retrieve Shepard's lost N7 helmet that will find its place in Shepard's cabin on the new Normandy.

Normandy Crash Site alt alt

On a story level, the location is of some importance because it's also where Shepard died and where his body was eventually found. Depending if you care for your character or not, this may have some impact.

What seems like a throwaway mission is actually quite atmospheric; the music is languid and spooky, as is the environment. Little cutscenes memorializing certain lost crewmen or familiar areas of the ship pepper the dog tag hunt nicely.

And then again you can't beat the price of this DLC which is $0.

Mission bonuses:

  • Shepard's lost N7 helmet (decoration for the Captain's cabin)

DLC Rated 7/10


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