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Written by Starfox / Silver Sorrow   
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 21:05
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Kasumi: Stolen memory Type: Henchman / Additional mission / Additional weapon

This DLC provides the second and last non-vanilla teammate that can be acquired. We could say that Kasumi is the female equivalent of Zaeed but that would be jumping to conclusion too soon. Like most of the missions-oriented DLCs published after Zaeed, Bioware attempted to implement in Stolen Memory some non-standard gameplay elements, nothing as obvious as the Hammerhead but still.

Kasumi Goto is a thief, one of the best thieves in the Galaxy some would say. Cerberus decided to hire her because they think she would make a great addition to Shepard's already vast team of guns for hire. As for Zaeed, Kasumi can be recruited straight on with a simple trip to the Citadel where she patiently waits for Shepard just in the entry area. However, additionally to the huge pay she's getting for the mission,  she came to Cerberus with an additional request. Her former partner and boyfriend -- Keiji Okuda, a thief like her -- was killed by a weapons dealer and smuggler named Donovan Hock. Hock cracked open the skull of Keiji to steal his graybox, a piece of electornic hardware that contains all the memories of his owner and in Keiji's case, a terrible secret that could compromise the Alliance if it was revealed. Obviously Kasumi wants to steal back what belonged to her former love both for sentimental and practical reasons and she expects Shepard to help her for the heist.

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This is the basis for Kasumi's loyalty mission. The completion of the mission will give access to a new power, a flashbang grenade that Bioware is apparently very proud of as you receive a lot of those from the opposition both in Stolen Memory and in the Shadow Broker DLC released later.

The great thing about the mission is not so the second part of it which includes normal Mass Effect 2 gameplay but the preparation of the heist itself which occupies the first half of the mission. Preparing the heist is a series of different tasks needed to crack the security of Hock's vault where he stores all of his treasures, including the famous graybox. This first part of the mission requires little combat (depending on the route you want to take at some point, the opposition might be a tad bit more numerous). A first for Bioware that is usually known for straigth gameplay, there are actually two ways to get to one of your objectives. It's the kind of little experiment Bioware is leading with their Various DLC. As long as this means that Mass Effect 3 gameplay will be better, I certainly don't mind.

The first half of the mission is a unique approach...for the series, at least. (Although...Samara's loyalty mission *is* somewhat similar in a way.) If you've played the game, you know that half of your time is spent running into various locations and shooting everything that moves, while the other half involves talking, talking, talking some more, and even more talking. And then you talk a little bit more. But this was fascinating: you go to a party. (It's an elegant affair; it isn't Caligula meets Star Trek, if you take my meaning.) With Kasumi's help, Shepard actually dresses up for a party! Unreal, right? Male Shepard wears this tuxedo-type thing, which is kind of like his Cerberus officer's tunic. But female Shepard...ah. A little black leather dress.

As a teammate for the rest of the game, Kasumi is somewhat special. She possesses a unique power, the "assassination cloak" that works as Shepard's one (that is if your Shepard is an Infiltrator) but improved. With it Kasumi is able to sneak up to behind a target of her choosing and terminate them generally in one blow. It's cool but it makes of her the most uncontrollable of your teammates. Even when you order her to cover she will likely break her cover at some point to go assassinate someone in the distance. Problem is she's not all that tough and there are real risk for her to be killed if there's opposition around when she decloaks. I even saw her once trying to sneak assassinate an YMIR heavy mech... that didn't end pretty. However she's still fun to have around because of the comments she has here and there.

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Only real complaint about Stolen Memory is exactly the same than the complaint about Zaeed: the price of revenge. The interaction with Kasumi aboard the Normandy is strictly limited to monologue stuff. She's kind of the gossip girl of the ship and apparently spends a lot of time sneaking through the decks including up to Shepard's cabin (if your Shepard happens to go on a date with Kelly, make sure to go see Kasumi after that; sometimes she creeps me even more than Cerberus; next time my Shepard will encode the digital lock on his/her door but that possibly won't help; Kasumi is the best thief, remember?). Anyway those who hope for some kind of romance with her can give up; that's not going to happen. Not in Mass Effect 2 anyway. In the third opus maybe (assuming she survives the suicide mission of course)?

That's my biggest complaint: very little interactivity beyond the whole "kiosk" thing. While I had no real expectations for a romance, it is something of a disappointment anyway. Especially since she ends up fixating on Jacob for some reason. Okay, I'll admit that there's something about the way he moves and--

--I didn't say that. You didn't see that.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite DLCs. Besides Kasumi being a master thief (eternally entangled as I am with the Thief series), she's quite funny at times, as well. (For example, when the alarms go off at the security checkpoint in the Citadel: "I swear to God I didn't touch anything!") She also calls Shepard "Shep," which is endearing.

Mission bonuses:

  • One upgrade schematic (Tech)
  • X12 Locust SMG (without a doubt the most accurate and powerful SMG in the whole game)

DLC Rated 9/10


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