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Written by Starfox / Silver Sorrow   
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 21:05
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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord

Project Overlord (Overlord Pack)

Type: Additional missions / Playable Vehicle

One of Cerberus research cells fell off the grid without any explanation. Guess what? The Illusive Man would like Shepard to go investigate the reason of the communication loss -- the guy must be really desperate because as the general rule goes in Cerberus no cell must know the purpose or location of any other. The research center on planet Aite was responsible for Project Overlord, a very sensitive matter that the Man doesn't want to discuss even over a secure channel. So Shepard have to set course for the planet not knowing what to expect.

I expected a lot of horrible things to happen to various entities, and I was not disappointed.

Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord

Once there, Shepard quickly discovers that the whole project involved an attempt at developing a Virtual Intelligence able to control the Geth. Dr Archer, lead scientist of the whole project (and only one still alive) used is own autistic brother "computer mind" in order to give the VI the ability to communicate and interact with the Geth. Although the initial results were promising, the VI (or rather Archer's brother) eventually went really mad and the hell broke loose. Every Geth, Mech and automated defenses in the facility turned against the Cerberus crew. Now the VI attempts to escape the confine of the facility to infect the galactic extranet and of course it's up to Shepard to put an end to the problem. It's also the occasion to witness (if the events in the first Mass Effect weren't enough) just how far Cerberus is ready to go in its advancement of humanity.

On a related side note, reading the Mass Effect novels Ascension and Retribution will cause your skin to crawl every time you talk to the Illusive Man, if it didn't already. Gaaah.

Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord

Project Overlord is a set of four different missions each in their own environment with a wide outside area hub linking them. This DLC makes quite a sizeable use of the M44 Hammerhead in the wide area hub and two of the four missions proposed but even the missions where it is used have an "on foot" part (except for the wide area that is specifically designed for the Hammerhead). It's also the occasion for you to see that the Hammerhead can indeed blow up in some conditions (the Firewalker DLC wasn't really all that clear about the M44 resistance) and it's there that the lack of any damage indicator on the Hammerhead HUD is bad -- although to be honest, the part of the DLC were your vehicle can be pulverized is more of the one hit/one kill kind than anything else so a damage indicator wouldn't do much good, probably. Some new gameplay ideas were implemented by Bioware for the Hammerhead, a welcomed change from Firewalker.

Also, please note that you don't need the Firewalker DLC installed to use the Hammerhead in Overlord, and vice versa. It's the little details like that which chip away at what little sanity remains to me.

Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord

The on foot parts of the DLC are well done and there again Bioware tried to implement some new gameplay like blowing pipes to eliminate enemies with a high pressure/high temperature airflow or a platform puzzle. Nothing to complicated though (actually you can even ignore the "blowing pipes" thing; ignoring them will just make things a bit more difficult for you). At times it seems that Bioware is using its various DLC to experiment with different gameplay concepts. Hey! as long as it works, I don't mind.

Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord Mass Effect 2 DLC: Project Overlord

The most surprising part of the DLC though is the finale that I won't detail here because of spoilers. As in the rest of Mass Effect 2, this DLC is story driven and in this particular case it is telling a sad tale. In an already dark universe, Cerberus proves that it can make things even darker. Of course if your Shepard happens to be on the renegade side he/she might rather say: "Everything it takes to win". But eventually in both cases (renegade or paragon) it appears that Shepard is really pissed off with Project Overlord. To be honest I find myself that even the treatment Dr Archer receives at the end by renegade Shepard is far too kind.

If Shepard's permanent sidekick was a certain hyperkinetic rabbity thing, I believe the good doctor's fate would have been quite appropriate...

A fine DLC with some pretty challenging moments and the occasion to play around a bit more with the Hammerhead.

Mission bonus:

  • One upgrade schematic (Shepard's health)

DLC Rated 9/10



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